Sewing and tailoring is very different today than in the time of our great-grandmother. Like everything else in the world, each mode has its advantages and disadvantages.

Before, the women mostly sewed clothes at their own tailor regardless of social or financial status and they very rarely shopped at boutiques. Thus, the chance that some woman in the city has the same dress was small. However, even the most simple clothing was sewed for days and always impatient lady has been living in uncertainty.
All the burden fell on the tailor. It had to be at the same time creator, tailor and know to sew. When one person has to do all of it alone, it considerably slows down the whole process of making clothes, especially when you take into account that they never have only one client.
Machines were also different from those now. The needle had moved with agonizing pressures of huge iron pedals and it was hard to keep continuity. Irons were too heavy and it was necessary to move it a hundred times over tailored items in order to stand it as expected. The machine for opening holes and for buttons tailors could only dream of and it took hours and hours to do this job manually.

Today, sewing and tailoring boil down to teamwork. Each of the employees work one or two operations and result is a perfect tailored item of clothing. Modern machines significantly facilitate and speed up the work, and "Ubko" can boast exceptional technical equipment.