What we were most interested in was always women's clothing sewing, so we tried to bring it to perfection and we succeeded. We are particularly pleased when the fashion houses with whom we do business present in fashion shows ideal sewn models that are just out of our rooms after hard work on every detail. Also, a smile on his face can not fail even when a beautiful woman passes through the streets dressed in a beautiful piece that was until only a time was a bunch of untreated material on the table of "Ubko" tailor.

Dresses sewing for the woman who wants to accentuate or hide her legs, shirts sewing for proud owners of seductive neckline, pants sewing for business, urban, simple and complicated beauties, sewing skirts that will absolutely match the figure of skinny and corpulent ladies, sportswear sewing...

Yes, we can do this all of that, because sewing for your company always rejoices us again and again. Whether it comes to something simple or demanding models, we are here to accept the challenge and thrill you with the final result of our work.

We also sew the bed linen. Those who buy beds clothing of brands for which we sew can forget about insomnia and enjoy the comfortable materials, precisely crafted by the scissors of "Ubko" team.