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    The secret of our success is a long-term cooperation with renowned fashion houses, quality and training.

  • Fashion Responsive

    Sewing services

    Our experienced creative team provides sewing services of women's clothing, sportswear, bedclothes.

  • Fashion Responsive


    The key of our professionalism and efficiency is a teamwork and work with the latest technologies.


We sewed:




Women's pants

About us

“Ubko” was founded in 2001 as a private company for textile services. Given that the company has always had a professional staff, success was certain. “Ubko” succeed already at the start thanks to the quality, continuous improvement and cooperation with renowned fashion companies.

"Ubko" is based on the principles of the organization that learns quickly and has the ability to quickly respond on the market challenges. We permanently justify, maintain and redouble the confidence of the existing clients. Still, conquering new consumers of "Ubko" services is equally important to us.

Our team of tailors and modelers takes his job very seriously, but they are also trying that the time spent on the machine and with colleagues resembles a game, competition in which at the end of the day all of them are winners. So, a healthy atmosphere combined with experience makes us unsurpassed in our work...
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Fashion Theme

Some of our projects:

Luna dress

NaCo Fashion blouse

BeJoy dress

Luna dress

Luna dress

BeJoy dress

Some of our partners: